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Should You Repair Your  Old Appliances ?

Are the older appliances  built better than the new style ones you buy now days ?

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New  HVAC Equipment Saves you Money

12 April

Yes it is true! With the higher efficiency American Standard systems we install, customers are seeing their heating and cooling bills go down by 20% 30% and more. »

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The Year ahead

Have Quality Appliance take a look at your heating and air conditioning so you can enjoy the seasons without  worrying about the Changing temps.

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Winter Is Here

Winter Is Here

Furnace clean and checks start 

September 15 2014

 Call Or Email us to get on the early bird list. Look for coupons for  savings.

Quality Appliance Service Inc

Heating and Air Conditioning

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Would you like to have your heating and air conditioning running at peak performance every time they are used? We thought so, that’s why we started offering what we call a Q.S.A. Quality Service Agreement


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OUR Equipment

heating and air conditioning

Quality Appliance Service is your dealer for American Standard heating and air conditioning. We take great pride in the quality and long-term performance of these Heating and Air
Conditioning systems. Whether for home or business with American Standard, the system will work quietly and
efficiently, giving you years of carefree comfort and peace of mind. These units are tough
and engineered with the most energy efficient standards. When you receive one of these units you are getting
the best because you want the very best.

Duct Design brings Higher efficiency

For heating and air conditioning

heating and air conditioning


Matching your duct system to your house and installing the right equipment is everthing. If your home is older or has had an addition put on, chances are your duct system is under sized and is squeezing the efficiency out of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

By doing a compleate detailed heat load on your house we can see where the trouble spots are and correct them.


  • Top Efficiency Equipment
  • Friendly Service
  • Quality Parts
  • Great Warranties
  • American Standard Dealer
  • Local Business Since 1961
  • On Time Service
  • Up Front Pricing
  • Professional Installation

NEED IDEAS To Save Money?

Does it seem that you are spending more money on your home comfort than  you think it should cost? Be sure to change your filter. The filter is the most over looked item in your house. By spending a couple of dollars on your filter you can help change your comfort level, extend the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment  and improve air quality which is beneficial to your health.

Keeping your heating and air conditioning equipment maintained is so important. With the higher efficiancy equipment it is vital you keep it in top running condition or your equipment can not produce the results in which it was intended to. With a QSA maintenance plan we can take care of that for you. Its a small cost that goes a long way!


Your~ House 

      Your ~Comfort

When looking for a solution for your  comfort start by looking at your entire house. Tune up your house by making energy improvments. 

Look at the insulation in your attic or have a professional inspect it for you. You might be losing alot of energy through the roof. 

Eliminate the drafts in your home caused by old leaky windows and doors that dont seal.

Have a energy aduit done.

By improving your house your heating and air conditioning system will work easier and your utility bills will be lower.

Everthing about your house affects your heating and air conditioning. The size,contruction,orientation and location affects what size  of system your house needs.

Take The Energy Saving Home Tour put out by our friends at Touchstone Energy Cooperatives